Bird Cage Transformation


I’ve always been inspired and uplifted by the writings of Maya Angelou.  This particular fashion/character/personality story of mine comes from the poem Caged Bird.  To see both sides, to expand your level of awareness and consciousness beyond the simple two words “i know,” because you know intellectually.  Now, truthfully you can never know it all in its entirety, unless you’ve at one point or another in life felt caged, and likewise free.  And that’s where I think empathy can come in, if you can find it in a way beyond your mind, but into your heart to relate.  This post comes up on one of my favorite hashtag days “transformation tuesday.”  The opportunity to inspire and to speak words of life to incite love are endless…and are usually well received. And all I wanted to highlight on was how the different perspectives of free and caged both need…love.




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