When FAITH is like WIFI…



Have you seen that meme/ quote?  It reads, Faith is like WIFI, it’s invisible, but it has the power to connect you to what you need.

It’s one of my favorite quotes…only because it feels so true to me.  I really feel like I can’t even breathe without my faith in God.  And there are times when it is the breath of God that raises me up.  I’m one of those women you will meet with a story like so many others, and because of that story I am growing every day. I want to grow into the purpose God has for me. I want to be a light for others to see just how GOOD He is…I had a great conversation the other day with my friend.  We talked about how tough an industry it is that I’m in, that its so crucial to have the right people around me, and even more so to be so rooted and grounded because it’s a rollercoaster and then some.  I love conversations like this…when we talk and get to the heart of issues.  We get to what matters, we encourage each other, we love each other and we look at Jesus together.  So for those moments when Faith is like WIFI, just keep logging on…keep praying as a password, and don’t give up on HOPE.



Just some thoughts…


with love, honor and respect,


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