Jaxx Fitness Meal Prep Containers and Bags

As the phrase goes- abs are made in the kitchen and also for me on the pilates reformer machine.  In shooting a segment due to air this month (May 2017) on The Dr. Oz  Show, as part of the NYC Bite Club I tried the Flat Belly Diet.  This diet consisted of eliminating specific foods that caused bloating.  It was a one week diet and with my busy schedule I was so thankful that I has purchased this particular meal prep tote from Jaxx Fitness. It comes with six portion control containers (which worked out perfectly for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner- ideal for my busy days on the go) a shaker bottle and vitamin/ supplement pill case. They come in a variety of colors but if you know me I always choose pink.  I’ve tried many ways to store and carry meals that I’ve prepped ahead of time and this by far has been the absolute best. It’s inspired me to keep going!!!  I highly recommend their products…you won’t be disappointed.  By the way, the diet was a success – I lost about 1.5 inches and this has altered the way I eat and feel in so many ways…again huge thanks to Dr. Oz and the team for bringing us the best information on health and wellness. I can’t wait for you to see that segment!

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