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Hi! If you haven’t E-met our Malshi dog Lulu yet, allow me to introduce her to you!  She is so special to our family, gifted to my twin daughters by their amazing Dad on Christmas 2016.  She has grown with us, loved on us, comforted us, and has made each one of us smile, through the good times and the bad.  Being a small breed dog, it’s so important that she gets the best overall care.  She has a groomer who absolutely adores her and even trimmed her eyelashes in the prettiest way, you could melt! I know we did when we saw her.  When it comes to diet, it’s important that she is always eating right.  What matters to me is that she has high quality options, and we have loved using Wellness CORE.  She specifically uses Wellness CORE RawRev  Small Breed High Protein Kibble in Deboned Turkey, Turkey Meal and Chicken.   We also like to top it with a bit of the Wellness CORE Mini Meals which is the wet food version in Chicken Pate.  She loves it!  Sometimes she can be a picky eater, but not in this case.  She does really well with grain free, natural pet food.  What’s great about CORE RawRev is it allows me to add raw easily and safely into her meals, since it is already incorporated into the kibble formula. I love that because I know she will stay balanced. She needs good protein in order to thrive and I’m so happy we’ve found that in Wellness CORE.  We even used the Petite Treats which are soft with Lamb,
Apples & Cinnamon to train her and it’s been great.  In every case, for humans and pets, perfect nutrition is essential, and I am confident that Lulu will benefit from the choice we made at home with Wellness CORE.  We love you Lulu! Thank you for being so sweet and cuddly all the time.


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Training Lulu with Wellness CORE Grain Free Petite Treats Video Click Here

Here’s the Lineup

Will you please not take photos while I eat Grandma?!


Diggin IN!



All done! If it stopped raining can we go to the Dog Run now?!




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