It was a super hot and humid Saturday in August in NYC and I was so excited about the fact that I was going to be in an air conditioned salon getting beautified.  My first day off in a while and a chance to work on my blonde maintenance.  Ever since I had gone for the Bronde/Blonde hair color, I have been in love but also very aware of the color and especially since I’ve spent a lot of time out in the sun this summer it was definitely time for some color correction.

West Broadway and Grand NYC…as I was walking to the salon doing my usual window shopping wish lists, I was immediately so thankful.  Graduating from the Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing program at FIT, I spent a lot of time working in that area…I had so much fun in such a cool industry..the beauty industry has always intrigued me.

Arriving at Marie Lou & D, I walked in, it’s a beautiful salon with the sweetest Parisian feel.  Everyone was so friendly and inviting.  I was taken on a tour and shown all that they have to offer from hair service, manicures, pedicures, massages and more.   Next I was given my robe because my first service was color with Yoann.  We shook hands and discussed my hair, what it’s been through and my lifestyle. I workout a lot so my hair spends a lot of time in ponytails, and when I’m in front of the camera, I may have extensions in as well. I am a busy multi-tasking mom with so many things happening all the time that my hair needs to work with it.  We talked about maintenance and about going more blonde. I was so ready.  This time instead of a base break, he toned it to more of my natural color for more ease and painted some more highlights up to complete the look.  I told him my goal is always to look like I’ve been on the beach in the Bahamas for 8 months straight.  He knew what I meant.   While I was letting the saran wrap and colors he applied do their thing, I sat down for a manicure with Dragona and selected a light pinky coral OPI color. It’s name was “It’s a great Operatunity” and the first thing she did was smile and say “Great choice.”  Words of Affirmation on nail color selection is always a plus with me.  The color came out so pretty and then she offered me a design pulling out this box of different beautiful charms.  She said how about a gold starfish…TWO…one on each nail in different spots.  I didn’t blink.  Yes Yes Yes!!!…I love nail art.  LOVE. This is turning out to better than I thought!  It’s always the little things and details that really touch me.

Time to rinse, gloss, rinse. Scalp massage. Cold Rinse…it’s so good for your hair.  Hugo gave me my trim and I have to admit, I am so skeptical. I didn’t want to cut it shorter than it already was because I am forever “growing it out.”  But I needed a trim and some layers…and I walked out with bangs.  I mean I never do them, mostly because I was never confident on how to style them, and more because I guess I never saw myself looking good with them before.  I had bangs in my teens and well the whole thing was awkward. Not to mention that I was awkward in my teens.  The blow-dry pulled the whole experience together and I had to text my personal trainer that I ain’t sorry but I will see him first thing tomorrow because today turned out to be such an amazing day. I don’t think I could have dreamt up an even better experience. I’m two days out, self-washed and self-styled and I still love my cut, color and nails. Everyone I know has said they loved it too! My twin daughters said “Mom, You look so beautiful, Can we get bangs too?!”

 Marie Lou & D, Thank you for creating an atmosphere where I can watch the latest runway trends, embellish my fingertips and take new profile pictures.

I can’t say enough great things about the staff, products, and my overall experience at this SOHO gem, but I can happily offer all of my friends, family and followers 15% off any service at the this salon. A little bit of heaven in a NY Minute…Use Code “LINDA” when you book!

345 West Broadway

NY, NY 10013

[email protected]






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