Moon Palace Cancun Mexico Resort Review

Almost a year ago, I was selected for a celebrity makeover on the Wendy Williams Show.  I’ve always wanted a makeover, so this was a dream come true.  It was the experience of a lifetime, a Chrissy Tiegen makeover.  From celebrity hair and fashion stylists to winning an all inclusive trip to Cancun, I was so blessed!  Who knew applying online, that I would get selected!  That’s never happened to me… and in hindsight it couldn’t have come at a better time…right when I was transitioning careers, from full time Pilates and Fitness Instructor to Blogger, Actor, Model and CPR Instructor.  What a shift right?  It is, but I love what I’m doing, because it’s what I’ve always done and now it has so much more meaning and purpose for me.  So now let’s focus on the trip, because that is what this post is about!

The Moon Palace Cancun in Mexico.

YESSSS! So I scheduled this vacation, and it became a family vacation for February, right when my daughters had their midwinter recess, and it was perfect.  When we landed in Mexico, there was a White Suburban waiting for us to take us to the resort.  Upon arrival, we received flowers and minty floral scented wet handtowels.  So immediately relaxing, we were all like- we made it!!  The check-in process was great, the staff are so nice and helpful.  The woman said to me, Linda you are VIP.  I said wait what? She said yes, it says here you are VIP so you get black wristbands and a list of amazing additional amenities.  WENDY!!! PALACE RESORTS!!! WOW WOW WOW THANK YOU!!! Pretty Incredible.

Overall the resort is wonderful!! I love to travel, and have been to Mexico a few times, and each time it’s been wonderful, but this resort was perfect for us.  We stood in the Moon Palace Sunrise property of the resort, which was more family oriented and my daughters loved it.  The beach, the pools, the arcade, the restaurants and shopping were easily accessible.  I highly recommend that when you arrive after check-in that you DO sit down and chat with Guest Services. It’s a must because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have been able to plan the trip out the way I did, squeezing every last good drop out of it. Please be open to it, they aren’t going to sell you anything but free knowledge.  And knowledge is power and more sunshine in this case!!  Thank you to Marcos Illingworth for giving me all the info I needed to get thru the trip with children with ease.  My favorite thing that I learned from sitting down, that room service is 24 hours, and of course I took advantage of that.  One night we made a bet about who would be the first to wake up and order room service, half of us voted for me, the other half voted for my daughter.  Guess who was up at 6:30am talking to room service ordering breakfast…my daughter of course… MELT.  They’re both perfect.  Other details that I think you should know:

-Aquaerobics is harder than I thought-  Big huge shoutout to the awesome Entertainment Team Francisco (Pancno) and guys! We had so much fun, playing games, making bracelets and laughing with El Chef Ernesto when he came around at the right time with ice cream sandwiches by the pool.

– The Moon Palace Nizuc has the awesome slide that my daughters and I spent ALOT of time at…and I even took some great pool pictures there too!

-The Grand Moon Palace has the heated pool, a beautiful terrace and is relatively new and really a must-see – we loved it so much we spent our last hours there on departure day.

-If you follow me on social media you may have seen I had a lovely time doing Mezcal tastings in the Sunrise shoppes! SO much fun!

-The nighttime entertainment shows were great…we loved the fire show…that’s goals.

-Our room had a terrace, hammock and jacuzzi

-Bring flash tattoos if you’re into them…we did and they were so pretty on the beach

-Our favorite restaurant was the Riviera Maya restaurant, that’s where we celebrated my birthday as well.

-Fish Spa…always wanted to try it…and got the chance to do it here…it was interesting and oddly relaxing. I think I might have even had a breakthrough in the fear department if that makes sense.. I would do it again.

-Do the cabanas on the beach, do give tips, and do try tamarind margaritas

-The golf grounds are gorgeous. I want to learn golf…who wants to teach me?


It was an amazing trip, we had great weather, came back with a tan and even more sunshine in our hearts…thank you Wendy Williams Show and Palace Resorts… We will certainly return and can’t wait to try out another one of your properties soon! I love you Mexico! Palace Resorts is a GREAT CHOICE!

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