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I’ve been Vlogging and Blogging for about 2 years now. And in that span of time I’ve learned so much about myself, who I am, my purpose and the business. I balance it with being a full-time mom to twins, a model/actor, as well as CPR Instructor.  I’m always on the go!  Our upcoming family vacation to Hawaii was amazing, we did a lot and had the chance to learn so much.  The memories will last forever.  And we pretty much got photographs of them as well!   Meet Cooper & Ella.  Cooper & Ella is a contemporary fashion brand for today’s modern woman. Designed by Kara Mendelsohn—an industry veteran, wife and mother of two (son, Cooper and daughter, Ella)—Kara creates for the woman who’s doing it all and wants to look good doing it. (taken from the website)  What I love about these mom-designer brands is that they just GET IT! Moms know their families, and moms know moms!!!  I knew this would be the perfect piece for a busy #HawaiianDay with my 9 year old twins. We went to one of my favorites, Dole Plantation.  And this time we did the maze and rode the Pineapple Express. It was so much fun and I am always so impressed with how dynamic, intelligent and amazing my two blessings are.  They led a lost, Instagram-Storying blogger mom to freedom from the Pineapple Maze!!   You’re just going to have to allow me to boast just a little more on them because normally in my blogging endeavors I am looking for photographers. I own my own equipment, do my own editing, curating, and so on and so forth.  I just usually need someone to point and shoot.   This time around I wasn’t sure how I was going to get all of this done and still be present in the moment.  I just upgraded cameras, and my first camera, a Canon Rebel T4 was on its way and one of my daughter’s said “Mommy, please can I have it?”  I was reluctant at first because I knew it could get a trade in value for it, but I decided to give it to her. She said she loves to take pictures.  And I thought to myself, since when? Everytime she used the iPhone it was blurry.  I ate those words when it came to her operating the Canon Rebel and My Canon 80D.  90% of the photos taken were by my daughters using my camera.  And when I realized that the kaftan I wore that day in Hawaii from Dole Plantation all the way to Waimea Bay was a part of a fund raiser to,  I just knew it was meant to be!!  100cameras teaches kids worldwide how to embrace their stories and share their perspectives through photography. 100% of the proceeds from their photo sales provide them with the opportunity to fund educational, medical, and lifeline supplies for their communities. (taken from their website)  So a few things, moms can still slay, my daughters blow my mind, and it’s never too late or too early to teach, equip and empower children to express themselves in any creative mode.  I now have not one but 2 new twin photographers on deck. Thank you to Cooper & Ella for bringing my daughters and I closer together and for being a brand designed to do just that!!!


The Cooper & Ella X Dream Hotels Kaftan

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