Real Talk: Why do I do this? What is a Faith Fit Woman?

I feel like sometimes when it comes to a blogger, the more you see about them the less you actually know about them?  The bio and about page is not enough. Does that make any sense? Or is it just me?!! LOL  Or maybe it’s both.  I wanted to take a moment to address some questions and concerns that have been brought to me in my journey and career as a blogger and making it all very transparent.  I started being in the public eye, if you will when I was five years old as a model.  I was “discovered” at Saks Fifth Avenue on the children’s department floor while shopping with my mom for bathing suits.  At the time there was a children’s fashion show happening and once it ended, a woman approached my mom and asked if I was in the show, and my mother replied no.  The woman (Mary Pat of Rascals Unlimited Agency) then gave my mother her card and asked if she would consider putting me into the business.  My mom talked it over with my dad and next thing I knew we were off and running. I can remember from age 5 till about 13, I was working for everyone from Macy’s to Barbie to Vogue. IT was amazing. I was working with some of today’s icons- Kirsten Dunst and so on.  I was taking acting classes and began to book roles in several commercials and television shows.  It was fun, but I assure you it was work.  I worked to maintain my grades in school and be on different sets.  I got bullied for being a model and went through a lot of painful experiences because I was pretty successful at the time. It hurt. I want to address that pain, because as a mother I want the best for my children and I never want them to be hurt because of their successes. It’s a natural reaction as a parent but not something I can control and I know that.  I believe God then used all of those experiences to strengthen me and teach me how to handle the pain that comes from being in this particular industry.  At about the age of 13 I stopped modeling and acting because I felt so left out among my friends and I wanted to go on school trips, have play dates and so on. So I went to my parents and said I wanted to stop and I can remember my Dad saying, “OK focus and finish school and when you’ve graduated, if you want to go back you can go back.”  How amazing are my parents! I did just that, I graduated Magna Cum Laude from The Fashion Institute of Technology with an Associates degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications and a Bachelors of Science degree in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing.  I had the opportunity to work in both fashion and beauty throughout that time and learned a lot. After a few years, I felt the urge within to try again at modeling and acting and so I went for it.  I landed a flexible job in the entertainment and events industry and had a lot of fun doing that while pursuing my dream. That was about a 2 year run of work and I had done a lot going into retirement with fitness modeling.  I became pregnant with my twins and at that point wanted to be a full-time mom first, career second.  It wasn’t until my daughters were school age that I had gone for fitness certifications and began to teach pilates, yoga and barre.  I loved that industry for its inspiration and results.  I loved helping people who wanted to get fit.  I also was able to shape my schedule and I loved that too.  So now let’s bring it to about 2 years ago.  When God wants to do something new in your life, it’s so important to stay close to Him in order to find the strength to walk through it, whether it be hard or easy.  It was time for Linda to get really real, be pruned and take a long hard look at what her purpose was. What was my purpose? I know God has one for me…but I was so worried that it wouldn’t include the things I had done in the past- like modeling, marketing and acting and basically I was afraid.  I didn’t want to do something that He wasn’t going to be a part of, and I wanted to make sure that whatever I do brings Him glory.  I took some time off social media to stay under the shadow.  Did some deep work on myself, prayed and really got honest with God.  I had an instagram and facebook page with a focus on fitness, because at the time I was using it to assist my training business.  It was a fun page and out of that came the concept “Faith Fit Woman”.  She or (me) was someone who was always seeking out and putting out inspiration, motivation, faith and fitness.  Pilates is my jam. If I owned a complete reformer at minimum you would still be seeing those videos on my IG…Don’t worry I’m working towards that.   Anyway, Faith Fit Woman was a thing, and I liked the concept and had prayed on it so much!!! The next thing I knew I said, well what else would a Faith Fit Woman be interested in? Fashion? Food? Cosmetics?  Yes, she might be and it’s part of who I am as well.  Linda Delores is the Blogger, the actor, the model, the mom, the woman, the believer.  Faith Fit Woman is my brand and the name of my blog.  I started my Youtube career as a Video Blogger first, and I would review Christian clothing brands. I love clothes that express my faith!  That’s the kind of swag I have always been into. From that place it grew.  My website was built and as a result of getting back in front of the camera and coming out of retirement I found myself back in auditions and booking work. I love it! I love being on The Dr Oz Show and all of the other projects I am a part of. It’s been incredible and I know it is nothing but the hand of God. On one hand I have alot of great supporters, on the other hand I don’t.  I think it’s safe to say that not everyone is watching you and cheering at the same time. I know this for a fact.  And you know what it’s ok. Because if God is for me who can be against me?  You may find that sometimes the people who knew you for years suddenly turn their back on you,  sometimes the people you just meet will do that too.  I don’t know why it all happens, but I do know I am being conformed to His image and to be honest He is always working IN, ON and THROUGH me. So to everyone out there wanting to follow their dreams, use their talents, and be who God called you to be, I say GO. GO GO GO!  Don’t ever let anyone’s counterproductive thoughts or opinions stop you, don’t let them following/ unfollowing you stop you, don’t let them watching but not liking stop you either.  If I had done that and gotten myself all concerned with man’s business instead of God’s business I know I would not be where I am now.  And I’m still going.  Be encouraged, don’t give up and always check in with Him on all your decisions, Jesus is the best compass for all things faith fashion and lifestyle.

Skirt handmade for me to blog about by my 9 year old twin daughters

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