MY CUSTOM ADIDAS SUPERSTARS: Something Old. Something New. Something Borrowed. Nothing Blue

On a day of shooting dedicated to content, this had to be one of my favorite outfits.  And it was really quite simple, yet so unique to how I style myself regularly.  Let’s talk about something old- The Carhartt Beanie- my favorite hat.  The American Apparel black  My Beirn Metallic Oversized Tote.. Could have fit my puppy and her toys in it.  Something new…My new engraved Adidas Superstar Sneakers!!!  They say Linda Delores.  I mean..come on~what better way to express yourself than on your sneakers?!  Something borrowed…that gorgeous gold fluffy sweater- Forever 21 belongs to my photographer buddy- Dani. Nothing here was blue, obviously.  But here is how I turned my existing wardrobe into something timely by adding just one very special and personalized piece.  To me its about being you, being comfy and if you were on set with us you would have seen how goofy comfy happy I was in this outfit.  I’m not a trained dancer, but I haven’t given up on learning The Formation Dance.  It’s goals.


Be Unapologetically You and Shine.




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