My Top 3 4th of July Looks with Chucks!

Happy 4th of July weekend!  I just love this time of year, it’s beach weather and this holiday means a lot.  It’s independence day for our country. I think it’s so easy to sometimes overlook the blessings and the freedoms we have.  There was this one quote by Kenneth Copeland, “When you get free on the inside nobody can keep you in bondage on the outside.” I loved it because it’s so true.  It’s wasn’t until I experienced freedom in Christ that I realized no matter what my circumstances were that there was nothing, no matter what happens that can squeeze me into a tight spot and expect me to stay there.  So for me, I take the freedom that my heart, mind, spirit and humanity has very seriously and likewise I understand and value all independence and freedom so much more.   I pray and hope for the same for you, a deepening level of freedom in His love and in His presence in all areas of your life.

I wanted to highlight my top 3 looks for the weekend of the actual 4th of July and just how simple it was.  It’s the one time I can look at something in my closet and when my reaction is “that’s so 4th of July”, I know I just secured a win. Plus, I only wanted to wear my chucks!  (Converse Sneakers in White and Clear) Anything   red white and blue and altogether is the key. Yes, I did buy the denim high waisted flag shorts special, but can you blame me? They’re so cute and flattering!!  Hope this helps and gives you some fun inspiration! Time to get the flag out!


  1. The Stripe Shirt and Blue Jeans


  1. The White Cold Shoulder Button Down and Denim Flag Shorts


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