Why Pilates? Why Not!

imagesI love Pilates…why? Because it is simply the method that worked for me.  As a mother of twins, my body was not the same after the girls were born.  Being a former model and yoga instructor that presented a huge challenge.  I lost all the strength I had in my core, acquired a diastysis recti and an umbilical hernia.  I just wanted to be strong.  I needed to keep up with two very agile, very beautiful, extremely intelligent,  little girls.  And I couldn’t find what I needed in everything I tried.  So I prayed about it.  I knew what I needed to be feeling, doing and concentrating on.  I wanted to be moving, breathing, flowing and growing stronger.  It was the only time I could give to myself and it had to be high quality and do so many things! What pressure!  So there I found myself on a Pilates Reformer machine, and absolutely in love.  It took me a few years of practicing before I would become certified as a teacher and till this day I am everyday working on it.  I would not have had the confidence I needed in order to become so active today. I thank God for this direction.  HE knew exactly what not only my body needed, but what my heart, soul and mind needed. Won’t HE do it.

faithfitwoman says:

Thank you Allison! xoxo

Allison Lee says:

OMG, you inspire me beyond words!!! Amenthank you for sharing your !!! You are b-YOU-tiful!!! God bless you sis!

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