Yumi Lash Lift and Body Sugaring @GlamBody Sugaring Boutique Ridgewood Queens NY

My Saturdays are always different.  But my favorite ones have always included training, bargain shopping and now the Yumi Lash Lift and Body Sugaring.  I am a huge fan of eyelash extensions, and I have been getting them for years with little breaks in between. I have been in front of the camera a lot and I just love the look of full and long lashes on my eyes.  This time around I wanted to try something different.  The Yumi Lash Lift.  It’s claimed to be a powerful alternative to false eyelash extensions.  YUMI lashes are enriched with keratin and vitamins to healthily elongate and add volume to your natural lashes without the damage extensions causes.  It doesn’t contain formaldehyde or perming solutions and thats a plus.  All I had to do was not use the lash curler a week prior- which was easy for me because I just came out of my extensions and not use any eye makeup or creams on the day of the service.  Since the natural look is in…I knew I could do this.  Glam Body Sugaring Boutique is located in the hip and happening area of Ridgewood, Queens.  The boutique is downstairs from Europa salon and is decorated ever so sweetly to bring out the Glam Girl in you.  Pink walls, white fur, and flowers incited immediate excitement within me.  I couldn’t help but think to myself…yes! Me-Time!!  I met Monica and she handed me some forms to fill out while she was finishing up with another client.  I filled those out and started snapping, and IG-storying right away. The lash lift process lasted about an hour, which is just about the same amount of time that it takes to apply individual lash extensions.  Monica made sure to set me up comfortably and I opted in for the Lip Plumping mask while she worked.  No brainer for this girl.  It really did feel like just some light lash brushing.  I was totally able to relax.  Before I knew it, the process was complete and she handed me the mirror and I was impressed. I really didn’t think my lashes could look so healthy and full especially after all I put them through.  I purchased the Keratin mascara because I like to follow the rules and my lashes could use the love.  We then moved on to the Body Sugaring Room where she did my upper lip and full arms.  Body Sugaring originating in Egypt with Cleopatra is a sweet mixture of Sugar, Lemon and Water.  Pour some sugar on me.  The idea and the song alone is pretty sexy not to mention the fact that my skin was about to be hairless, smooth and smell like candy. I made a special note to use that hashtag. oh yes.. its finally appropriate. Sort of.  The process was quick and felt a lot different than waxing because with sugaring the hair is pulled in the direction that it grows as opposed to waxing which is the opposite.  The sugar mixture is body temperature and to me the coolest part was the technique.  The manipulation of the mixture on the body part with the esthetician’s hands is really precise.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  I said out loud “What filter would Cleopatra use to film this on snapchat?” Pretty filter for sure.

Overall, it was a great experience. I felt great, and like I had discovered something new and good for me.  I highly recommend Glam Body Sugaring Boutique in Ridgewood Queens for all your hair removal needs and especially if you want to give the YUMI Lash Lift a try. Monica will take really good care of you… she answers all your questions,  is really likable, professional  and attentive, makes honest expert recommendations and has chocolate for you if thats your thing.  Sweet day.  Let me know if you go!


Over and Out,


60-46 Myrtle Avenue

Ridgewood, NY 11385


IG: @glambodysugaring

My IG Handle: @faith_fit_woman.

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