Coney Island, NYC: My Oreo Adventure

I love being on both sides of the camera, I love producing, creative direction and photography.  All of my personal content is mine, and as I grow and evolve as a blogger, and in my brand, I feel like it’s important to stay grounded and true to who I am.  Sometimes that means looking at what I’m so used to looking at with new eyes and perspective. I couldn’t make Coachella- it’s just not feasible because I am a full time mom, with alternate sources of income and those come first. So my next best idea, why not Coney Island?!! I am familiar with the destination, and I know the ins and outs of parking and bathrooms etc, since I’ve been going there all my life and then with my children for the last few years.  I will admit, I was really excited about this project and lookbook!

My vision was all black and white (think oreo cookies) clothing against the background, the crisp clean chic shades that can go from day to night.  You could be on a date on the boardwalk, hanging out with friends / family or just plain people watching. The activities are endless. I was really inspired by this vision and I hope you will be too.  I hope you never lose your sense of wonder and can find time to nurture the pure excitement in you.

Some tips:

Please get there early…if you’re driving in order to find parking etc. However it is accessible by many NY Transit trains.

It’s infamous for Nathan’s Hot Dogs and all of the contests..if you’re into it- go for it. I did.

The beach is the beach, please plan ahead with sunblock and all your needs.

The amusement parks for children and adults are literally right next to each other. So convenient.

The best pictures are usually taken early in the day and you will see many other photoshoots happening.

Great tourist attraction. Shopping is fun- especially if you’re into “Brooklyn” apparel.

The Murals are a must-see.

Most of the looks I have featured here can be shopped directly from my instagram feed, and you can find those links right here.

You can never ever go wrong with a floppy hat!!!


The perfect off the shoulder romper!


Anything ever by Beyonce is GOLD.


Wear your hometown!

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