Double Tap Fat Burner Does it Really Burn Fat Efficiently

Double Tap Fat Burner: Does it Really Burn Fat Efficiently?

People who are overweight or obese often scour the internet looking for the easiest ways to lose weight, and that’s not a bad move at all. As a matter of fact, when you search for fat burners all over the web, you will find a whole lot of fat burners that you can buy and use in order to help the body lose unwanted weight. Some fat burners are medications such as pills and injections. Some are made as anabolic steroids and SARMs, some are put in food, and some are beverages. Among all of these fat burners, one of the most popular is Double Tap Fat Burner. In this article, we will discuss everything there is to know about this particular fat burner.


Each type of fat burner works different form another. But for this article, we will talk about how fat burning capsules work. Fat burning capsules are supplements or medications that help to increase your metabolism, which will help you burn more fat and calories. There are different kinds of fat burning capsules on the market, which all have their own effects on the body, but they all have one thing in common: caffeine.

Caffeine is a type of stimulant that stimulates your central nervous system and increases adrenaline production, speeding up your metabolism. This is why caffeine is often found in some kind of pills or supplements that are designed to increase your metabolism. It might be helpful to know what caffeine is and how it works before we discuss fat burners. Caffeine is a type of stimulant that speeds up the central nervous system and increases adrenaline production, speeding up one’s metabolism. One main source of caffeine comes from coffee, tea, or even energy drinks. Some products use green tea extract as a source for caffeine instead of drinking coffee or tea to get their dose of caffeine throughout the day.



Double Tap is a fat burner supplement by Redcon1 and will help you with boosting your metabolic rate, improving energy and burning fat. It contains a blend of amino acids, stimulants, and some herbs.

This fat burner contains stimulants like caffeine, di-caffeine, and theacrine. This will give you a boost in energy but also helps you with suppressing your appetite.

Fat burners are extremely popular in the fitness community because these products can literally make the difference when you are dieting.

When you cut down on the calories you might feel tired and overall just lazy. These products can give you energy throughout the day so you will still be able to finish your workout.

Double Tap is a product that comes in capsules but also in powder form. Redcon1 claims that the powder form ‘kicks in’ faster, which is possible since your body doesn’t need to digest the gelatin capsule first.


Fat burners are able to give you some very beneficial effects when you are dieting down. When you lower your caloric intake your body will use your fat storage for energy.

This process can be quite intensive and that’s why you sometimes feel tired on a diet.

Well, that’s where fat burners come in quite handy since they are able to give you a boost in energy and will force your body to burn more calories as well!

You can expect the following effects when taking Double Tap:

  • Appetite Suppressing When you are dieting down you will absolutely experience ‘cravings’ and hunger. This is a natural response from your brain saying that you need some food. However, this is not exactly beneficial when you need to eat fewer calories.

Double Tap has stimulants added that will suppress your appetite making it easier for you to not cheat on your diet.

  • Energy Boost Dropping your calories can make your body lethargic and overall just lazy. This is a normal reaction from your body because it gets less food, thus energy.

The stimulants like caffeine and theacrine will give your body a boost in energy and focus. When you take it first thing in the morning you will feel the energy rush, but the good thing is that it will stay all day.

The effects may vary per person but these are overall the most experienced effects of Redcon1 Double Tap.  What I personally miss is the thermogenic effects, which are very common in fat burners. For example, Steel Shredded AF is also thermogenic.

If you’re not quite sure if you are able to take this supplement, please contact a health professional.



So, how does Double Tap compare to another very popular fat burner called Eliminate by Huge Nutrition?

They both have a serving size of 30 with a 30-day cycle in total, and both prices are around $50.

Eliminate is a thermogenic fat burner, which means it can heat up your body’s temperature so that it burns more calories.

Double Tap used to be way stronger because they added DMHA at 100mg. However, they got rid of it and added another ingredient called Theobroma extract.

If we compare the ingredients, you will notice that Eliminate has 13 different ingredients added and Double Tap only 6. Eliminate basically has double the ingredients for the same price.

I personally tried both of them, and Eliminate gave me way better results; this is probably because it has Yohimbine added and some other stimulants. However, they got right of it and added Theobroma extract. However, they got right of it and added Theobroma extract.


Double-tap by Redcon1 is a fat burner that comes in capsules and powder. It contains 6 ingredients which are either stimulants, amino acids, or extracts.

It can help you with giving you a boost in energy & focus, appetite suppressing, and fat burning.

It’s a decent product, however for the price you can get way better-formulated products.

If you are looking for a good fat burner, that Eliminate by Huge Nutrition is probably your best bet.

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