Eco-Chic Vibes with UpCycle, Hawaii

It is an incredible honor to partner with UpCycle Hawaii.   Artist and Founder, Mattie Mae Larson is from the Big Island of Hawaii, which is where my grandmother originated from.   There’s so many things I love about her brand and her mission… and when she says “It’s impossible for me to look at almost anything on its way to the ‘rubbish bin’ without feeling that with a little time, effort and creativity it can be given a second chance,” it really causes me to run a self-check.  How am I looking at the world around me?  My goal is to be the best possible version of me, staying true and authentic to the woman God called me to be.  I was thrilled to partner with Mattie, and the opportunity to bring into the lifestyle and fashion blogging world a product that I believe encourages all of us.  I chose to style and use two of her products, which by the way are all hand made and if you follow her on instagram and witness her journey, it is truly very inspiring.   I chose the adorable Fused Plastic Zipper Pouch…waterproof and made from reclaimed plastics with handprinted ocean waves because to me, ocean waves are so beautiful-  they crash and they rise.  I use it to carry my essentials, mints, lipstick, AirPods, and face powder.  The second item I chose is the Vinyl Banner Clutch.  Handmade from reclaimed vinyl banners with 1 inner pocket and one outer zipper pocket, it’s me new favorite accessory! Ive been pairing it with everything and I love how chic it is!!   I ordered two of the fused plastic zipper pouches for my twin daughters because you know what..this is going to be their world, and it’s important to me that I do the best that I can to encourage, train and teach them about how we can help keep our earth clean.  Thank you Mattie for all you do, know that you’ve impacted my life and awakened a renewed sense of responsibility in me to take care of our planet!

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