Jesus Girl Apparel and being Redeemed, Called, and Chosen

Do you know how sometimes when something (an issue, situation, thought) that is challenging happens for people, they sometimes like to give people space?  I’m not talking about the healthy space that we all need to preserve, protect and guard our hearts / well being. I’m talking about the negative space.  The kind you might give when someone is maybe trapped in a world of sin and can’t see their way out, the kind you might give when you’re unwilling to use your heart, strength and grace of God to make a difference one on one?  There has been so much going on, and there always seems to be, I couldn’t help but think:  THANK YOU JESUS THAT YOU DO NOT GIVE THAT TYPE OF “SPACE” OUT!  Can we be 100 percent honest about this for a moment?! Its bringing me to tears because my heart aches for people who do this, people who receive this, and for myself when this happens to me!  Sometimes people say things out of weak spots in their character, sometimes people take actions out of those places as well.  All of that irks me on a personal level because I think it can be selfish and one-way gratifying, and can contribute to all the wrong ungodly beliefs that we as humans can have about ourselves and others.  It makes me crazy sometimes.  And that’s why I can only shout HIS PRAISES because JESUS You do not do that!  You’ve never done that to me even when the people have, You have never done that when people who follow you have!  I’m so thankful to you Jesus, for choosing me as your JesusGirl.  I wanted to write that piece because it’s real and from my heart and it has everything to do with my latest collaboration with the beautiful Christian clothing brand- Jesus Girl Apparel based in Hawaii.  The founder Roxanne’s story is beautiful and her mission to remind us women that He calls us by name, that he has redeemed us, that he loves us and that we’re his GIRLS centers me so deeply and reminds me of the moment that I got saved in January of 2013!!! I always want to feel that special especially in moments of adversity, and I am thankful to sisters like Roxanne who are out here standing for women in this way because it matters and it makes a difference. So thank you Roxanne, for following the call on your heart and for creating such a beautiful line of apparel for Jesus’s Girls!!! BE on the lookout for the site Re-Launch coming 12/5/2017!!! ALOHA NEVER FAILS.


“Do not be afraid, for I have redeemed you. I have called you by name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

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