RPZL NYC: Hair Extensions, and Blowout Review

This is one of my favorite places right in NYC by the Flatiron for beautiful blowouts, hair styling and hair extensions, because they offer all of these services and more.  I have been going here for over a year…and I love it.  From the “Hello Gorgeous” pillows to the smiles of the staff and complimentary beverages…it’s always been a pleasant experience. I usually walk in a hot mess, needing to charge my iPhone (which you can )and walk out of the Gorgeous Bar like BOOM- I’m so ready to get back out there and face the world again. Those moments when you feel fabulous, are few and far between when you spend most of your time like I do, grinding, mommy-ing and life-ing.  I love the ease of scheduling online…and even if I have to call to make an appointment, they’re always so accommodating.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting the RPZL 2.0 which are the Tape in Extensions and Now the RPZL Next which are the high tech  keratin extensions that are applied by using sound activation, its quicker and there is no heat involved so you don’t have to worry about heat damage.  My favorite of the two is the NEXT extensions..they are just so much more comfortable, lighter, and I can wear a ponytail and work out without having to think about my extensions.   This is my go-to place for quick blowouts and hair styling when I can’t get to my main stylist (especially before an audition or a shoot) and I have always walked out of there loving the results. I even brought my twin daughters in for the Little Gorgeous treatments and they loved it!

I’v gotten a lot of compliments on my hair when it comes to color and now to the extensions…one of the best ones was after Church service when I was on the bathroom line, a woman comes up behind me and says “I love your hair!!’  I was totally surprised and said “oh wow thank you so much!” She goes – “Seriously it’s like hair envy I was looking at it inside and like wow.”  You can’t beat that especially when someone compliments you with the salon’s slogan!  So grateful for hair extensions when we are overzealous with bleaching hair trends!

I want to recommend this place because I can truly say they are great and I believe you will enjoy the service, the creativity and the atmosphere. Plus they always have a great deal going on. You can’t beat that.  Please go and see for yourself!

Big thanks to all of the staff there – I love seeing them and you will too: Carlos, Charlie, Tiffany, Melissa, Meha, Dorina , Stephanie and Bonnie.

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