Surf and Life in Style with Iaera Surf

Can you believe with all my roots that I just learned to surf this year?  And I love it.  Everything about being in and on the water all the way to learning how to connect to the winds and the waves.  It’s really pretty cool.  This time around in Waikiki it was extra special.  Not only did I get to surf with my 9 year old twins (who are really good because they have been surfing for A LOT longer than I have), but I was blessed in the rash guard game with Iaera Surf.  With unique limited edition, HANDMADE pieces I got the most compliments on and off the waves! This was our family vacation to Hawaii (we are part Hawaiian), and the main goal was to engross my twins in learning and experiencing the Hawaiian Culture.  They are my little Moanas. So you can bet that we did as much as we could in our extended time there, and when I take a poll, the top activities were of course surfing and our yoga hike!  In both cases I wore my  Iaera Surf rashguards and they were perfect.  During the hike, I was protected from the sun as well as mosquitoes. Those mosquitoes usually love me. And I was soooo glad none of them got a piece of me that day so that I could focus, be in the moment, enjoy nature, waterfalls, mountains, yoga and my babies. With my background in fashion and as a fitness instructor, I can truthfully say this is a line to look out for!!!  I love how it can be worn streetstyle!  I decided to play with it a little  in terms of pairing with denim shorts, black leggings and a black leather high waisted skirt here at home in NYC. I can’t wait to keep using it when fall comes! Because I will! Watch out for that! Thank you Laura for a truly beautiful product, and an even greater mission in which you execute so beautifully, honoring every woman from every walk who love to surf!  The best is yet to come.

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