My Sweet Tooth and Love Ana in Cliffside Park NJ

Ok, soooo when it comes to sweets, I admit I tend to cave.  On the road trip back from surfing in NJ I stopped by the new sweetest little shop in Cliffside Park, NJ.  There are so many special things about this place to note.  First, the owner is Ana Reyes and she is  so so nice.  It’s like love at first sight. She’s so welcoming, and passionate and knowledgable.  This little gem of a shoppe is only open by appointment only, and I was so honored that she was opening the doors to me that day.   I was enchanted from the start.  Strong, committed, passionate and diligent business women always capture my heart and Ana is just that.  She does not like to copy the work of other bakers because she likes each thing that she makes to be special for each client. I love that!  She also does not use fondant and all of her cakes have cookie decorations added to them. Cake and Cookies.  Count me in!  ( She also hosts Cookie Decorating Parties and that’s always going to be a great night out!!!) If you’re in the NJ area, you NEED to check her out!

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