So one of my bestest friends ever is a Pro-Bikini Fitness Competitor.  With several wins and years of experience, she peer pressured me into competing. =) And I am so glad I did it.  I’ve never competed in fitness, only in modeling pageants..i.e. Miss Hawaiian Tropic etc.  And that was waaaaaay back.  Talk about a throwback thursday!


Here is my review of the experience:

  1. Fun (to play dress up and to be with my BFF)
  2. Challenging (food prep diet was rough)
  3. Great (I’m so glad I did it (bucket list check) and took home the trophy)
  4. Thankful (For all that I have and can give, I want to inspire others to know they can do it too)
  5. Over (I’m done with those. I like my Oreos.  LOL)

Here is a video from the show! Click The Pink IMG link below.

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